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Art Club


The objective of the Art Club is to provide students with opportunities to explore, experiment, discover, innovate and create with paints, colours and different types of materials. The Art Club activities are designed to give members an avenue to express themselves to realize their potential and talent. Besides painting, students are also engaged in craftwork. 

English Drama Club

Drama Club CCA provides opportunities for students who are interested in drama as an art form. Drama entails hands-on experiential activities that engage the mind, body, voice and emotions to interpret and convey to others information and ideas. The wide scope of activities enable students to build their confidence and develop their social skills, physical coordination and cognitive understanding of their environment. Students in the CCA will learn interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, reading, theatrical etiquette, aural, kinaesthetic and multi-modal forms.

Infocomm and Journalism Club

Students from Infocomm and Journalism Club CCA will be engaged in a fun and meaningful way through the learning of new skills and the cultivating of leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities. Students in the CCA are given opportunities to develop and excel in skills which includes programming, photography and the development of mobile applications. Some CCA members will also learn to become advocates of cyber-wellness in a vibrant ICT environment.