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CCA (Club & Societies)

Infocomm Club

Mr Ng Chee Keong / Ms Sim Tze Mei / Mr Haresh / Ms Nursalinah

The BGPS Infocomm Club aims to excite students about Infocomm and Communication Technology in a fun and meaningful way by equipping them with relevant Infocomm skills and provide them with opportunities to express creativity & be involved in innovation.

Throughout the 4 years in the club, CCA members are trained in: Digital Photography using DSLR, Photo Editing,Videography and editing, Digital storyboarding e.g. ToonDoo, Digital Blog e.g. Glogster, Microsoft applications

Student representatives from the club are also given the opportunity to be actively involved in upcoming ICT competitions such as National Schools Digital Media Awards and Panasonic KWN competition. They are also actively involved in providing audio-visual, photography and video support at various school events, assemblies and ceremonies.

Art and Craft Club

Mdm Ivy Poh/ Ms Elissa Chew / Mdm Zuraidah / Mdm Salinah

The goal of the art club is to provide pupils with opportunities to explore, experiment, discover, innovate and create with paints, colours and different types of materials. Our teachers take up the role and responsibility as Art instructors and teach students Art according to different themes during every session. Our members are generally interested in Art and enjoy Art lessons. They like to explore with different shades of colours and experiment with different mediums. The higher ability students get to design and paint the special room doors and walls in our school compound. We aim to nurture our students into Artists of the future, with the hope that they will pursue Art in their future course of study. We hope to build up the passion for Art in all our students.


Chinese Calligraphy

Ms Elaine Kuo / Ms Liu Xiaoyun

Chinese calligraphy is the traditional form of Chinese handwriting, executed with a writing brush rather than a nib. In traditional China it was regarded as the highest form of artistic expression, and in the modern western world it can provide us with insights into Chinese culture and philosophy. This CCA is open both to students learning Chinese, and to those of Chinese heritage, and also to those who have no knowledge of the language but are attracted to Chinese calligraphy. Lessons will cover materials, basic brush skills, styles and the history of Chinese calligraphy. It will culminate in an exhibition of student work.