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Partnerships are important in supporting the growth of the whole child. At BGPS, we work closely with various groups of partners to support student learning and well-being, and offer our students real-life learning opportunities through our collaborations with community and external partners. We constantly explore opportunities for collaboration with key stakeholders and organisations to fulfil the school’s vision, mission and values. 

Our partners are categorised in 4 categories:

These partnerships are established to positively support BGPS students in their current growth, to provide a strong foundation for BGPS students’ post-primary and life progression, and to complement the good work of the Staff and the School. We seek to forge two-way partnerships to nurture BGPians into Empowered Learners, Persons of strength and character. Tapping on the financial support, expertise and good practices of external bodies to achieve organisational excellence and establish win-win relationships with our partners.

Partnership Opportunities

To explore partnership opportunities with BGPS, please contact Mdm Halimaton Abdullah (AYH Primary 6) at