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Student Leadership

BGPS creates a positive learning environment to develop our students holistically. The school has put in place a structured leadership development programme to develop the leadership qualities of the students through the different tiers of leadership. 

Key Beliefs and Guiding Principles

  • Every student can be developed as a leader
  • Every student should be developed as a leader
  • Student Leadership Development needs to be intentional

Student Leadership Framework


Tier 1: Lead Self

Leadership begins with Personal Leadership. The fundamental of leadership development is to lead themselves well. The school also believes in creating leadership opportunities for all students. All BGPians learn about self-management, personal skills and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) through assembly talks and FTGP lessons. At the start of the year, students learn to set goals and identify their strengths and areas in which they need to improve on so that they can review regularly.

Tier 2: Lead Class

Every student has an opportunity to be selected as the Class Chairman and Vice-Chairman which allows them to exercise leadership at Tier 2 under class level. This allows teachers to have a better picture of who has leadership potential to progress to a higher level of leadership. Students also take on positions such as ICT champions, Green Champions, Aesthetics Champions etc. These leaders lead their peers in the respective subject areas. 
  • Trainings will be provided for Chairman and Vice-Chairman by the discipline committee.
  • Trainings will be provided for Champions by the respective departments.

Tier 3: Lead School

Tier 3 is the excel level where Student Councillors serve as National Education (NE), Cyber-wellness (CW), Health, Safety, Peer and Support Ambassadors. They are provided with opportunities to initiate, organise and implement programmes for his/her peers, catering to the interests, strengths and needs of the students and the school community. At the end of P2, students who displayed potential leadership qualities will be nominated by their Form/Co-Form teachers to be student councillors the following year. P3 to P5 Form/Co-Form teachers will also have a chance to nominate current effective Tier 2 leaders to take up Tier 3 leadership for the following year if they are found suitable.

CCA Leaders

In CCA, students with leadership qualities are appointed as CCA leaders. They are given the opportunities to lead by example, learn self-management skills, communication skills and demonstrate SE competencies through their CCAs. They also contribute to the school and community via VIA projects and assembly talks on Contemporary issues and Green and Kindness movement. 

Student Leaders' investiture

Student Leaders' investiture is conducted to recognise our Tier 3 student leaders. Their services and contributions to the school and community are captured and recorded in their Holistic Developmental Progress (HDP) card yearly. In addition, they are awarded with certificates of appreciation in recognition of their contributions at the end of P6.

Outstanding student leaders are nominated for ECHA and EAGLES awards.


Student Council Executive Committee (EXCO)

The Student Council EXCO consists of the President, Vice-Presidents, and students' in-charge from the respective teams: National Education (NE), Cyber Wellness, Safety, Health, Green and Peer Support. At the end of the school term, the P5 Student Councillors will have the opportunity to run for President and Vice-President of the Students' Council. The selection process includes interviews and evaluation sessions by a panel as well as votes from the staff and student bodies. 

The EXCO meets regularly and works with the discipline committee on student-initiated projects and looks into suggestions to improve the welfare and well-being of our students. 

Student Council EXCO 1.png
Student Council EXCO

Student Council EXCO 2.png
Doing VIA at Bedok Radiance Seniors' Home

Student Council EXCO 3.png
Teambuilding during EXCO Retreat

'3E' Approach

For Student Councillors


For CCA Leaders


Qualities of a Student Leader (EMPOWER)


I am able to show understanding and share feelings

I want to do things to the best of my ability

I will not give up when facing challenges in any situation

I am willing to listen, explore and think differently 

I am aware and concerned of the things happening around me

I will take initiative and respond actively

I will take ownership of my own actions