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School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos
Bedok Green Primary's philosophy that 'Every Child Matters' undergirds our unyielding belief that every child is special, valuable and important, and thus will receive the necessary support to ensure his success in life, regardless of his starting point, with many helping hands, sound structures and a myriad of programmes for various student segments put in place. We build the students' resilience, confidence and strong thirst for success, despite the challenges and obstacles, always cheered on and encouraged by their teachers and peers. The school philosophy unites the school as one, as every member of the school community takes accountability of his role in ensuring individual and collective success. We also ensure that students learn in a warm, nurturing and conducive environment for their holistic development.

The philosophy also drives the school's strong culture of care for its students, staff and stakeholders. Every member of the school community is respected and recognised for his contribution, big or small, with ample opportunities to succeed. Character-building and Values-In-Action programmes focus on contributing to their peers, the school and community, reiterating the importance of giving generously back to society, in our own ways.