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Wits and Words

Top 8 (Quarterfinals)
Jessica Isabella Clark (5 Integrity)
Ampo Ayesha Khobe Centeno (5 Respect)
Isadore Ong Hui Ci (5 Integrity)
Ram Kumar Tharikha (6 Resilience)

Moo-O Competition 

Merit Award

Jovanna Zhao Menghe (3 Respect)
Loh Jun Zhe (3 Responsibility)
Sophia Bhavesh Ramchandani (3 Resilience)


Mythos Storytelling Competition

From March to April 2020, Zeyrian Faris Bin Mohammad Suhaimi (Primary 5 Resilient) represented the English Drama Club in the Mythos Junior Orators 2020, an online storytelling competition organised by Anglo-Chinese Junior College for primary school students. Participants had to showcase their abilities in delivering stories fluently and expressively in this competition. 

They also had to engage viewers with their interpretations of the different characters. Zeyrian achieved the Top 20 Performers and the Top 5 Best Costume Awards for his rendition of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’


Congratulations to Zeyrian!

EL Debate Achievement

Two teams comprising Primary 4, 5 and 6 students pitted their debating skills in the Primary School Debate Open (PSDO) Division 2 on 21 and 28 November. The interschool competition gave students a platform to showcase their oratorical skills. Both our teams, led by Mrs Jacinta Gomes and Mdm Nurul Huda, definitely showed confidence in delivering compelling arguments. After 4 gruelling rounds, our P6 team emerged 3rd while our P4 and P5 team emerged 7th! Isabelle Ong Hui Xien (6RPS) and Wong Tian An (6RPS) were also among the top 20 students to receive the Good Speaker Award. Congratulations to both our teams! 

Team    A

Team B

Isabelle Ong Hui Xien (6RPS) 
Wong Tian An (6RPS) 
Tan Jia En (6INT) 
Caelen Lim (6RPS) 
Chia Kia Sim (6RPS) 
Kabir Srivastav (5COM) 
Wilfred Gau Wee Kai (5COM) 
Goh Einzy (5RSL)
Jessica Isabelle Clark (4COM) 
Ampo Ayesha Khobe Centeno (4COM)
Team A.jpeg

Team B.jpeg

both teams with teachers.jpeg

students in action.jpeg


Primary School Debate Open
2nd : Wong Tian An (5 Responsible)
5th : Isabelle Ong Hui Xien (5 Responsible)

Inter-School Debate Championship
5 Certificate of Participation

Moo-O Awards
3 Certificate of Participation

Mother Tongue


Recital Competition
Bronze Award
Song Hengyi (P4 Bravery)
Chen Jia Xi (P4 Bravery)
Eunice Ng Yu Ge (P4 Bravery)
Kuek Jie Ning Jeslyn (P4 Bravery)
Hu Chenxiao (P4 Bravery)
Guo Shiyu (P4 Responsibility)
Teo Han Nin (P4 Responsibility)

National Primary and Secondary Creative Composition Writing 
Consolation Award
Jensen Zhu Jian Chen (P6 Resilience)
Foo Si Ya (Fu Siya) (P6 Resilience)

Goodtalk (Global Village) International Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Conference 
Certificate of Participation
Lim Xin Ci Kiara (2 Perseverance)

“Awe-Inspiring Virture and Ocean of Wisdom” National Calligraphy Competition
Certificate of Participation
Zheng Yatong (3 Respect)
Zhu Hairui Kayle (3 Resilience)
Ng Jing Yi Denise (4 Bravery)
Wong Siu Hey(4 Bravery)
Matthew Loi Hao Zhe (4 Compassion)
Jeslyn Kuek Jie Ning (4 Compassion)
Phoebe Tan Zile (5 Respect)
Kok Lein Yi (5 Respect)

Speak Mandarin Campaign Family Talent Competition Certificate of Participation
Lin Haoze Lucas (1 Perseverance)

International Chinese Language Competition 
Bronze Award
Zhou Yuanyou (5 Respect)
Goh Qiu Yan (6 Compassion)

25 Consolation Award

Rakan Bahasa
Certificate of Participation
Muhammad Hadhari Bin Saiful Bahari (5 Responsibility)
Nur Illyana bte Harun (5 Respect)


International Chinese Language Competition 
23 Certificates of Participation 

National Chinese Challenge
27 Certificates of Participation

National Chinese Calligraphy Competition 
Consolation Award
Wang Jiahe (5 Compassionate)
Jia Shiqi (6 Integrity)

Goh Qiu Yan (5 Compassionate)
Neng Meng Xuan (5 Respectful)

Lim Xin Yuan Gwen (6 Resilient)

Most Participation School Award
Bedok Green Primary School

Text Recital National Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools
Bronze Award (Individual)
Sun Yinuo (P1 Respectful)

Bronze Award (Group)
Xu Qingru (2 Brave)       
Teh Ting Yin (2 Brave)

Tan Ting Yie (2 Brave)    
Siew Cai En (2 Compassionate)

Hoo Zhing Xing (4 Resilient)
Chooi Yi Ting (4 Resilient)
Marcus Koh (4 Compassionate)

Wang Sheng Yuan Jayden (5 Resilient)
Pooi Zi Hui (5 Respectful)

9th National Primary and Secondary School Chinese Calligraphy Competition Consolation Lim Yu En Shayne (5 Compassionate)


20th International Chinese Language Competition
Gold Awards (Singapore and International)
Tan Eason (6 Respectful)

National Chinese Calligraphy Competition Consolation Award

Wang Jiahe (4 Responsible)

Cultural Award

Garima Sahoo (3 Compassionate)

Ampo Ayesha Khobe Centeno (3 Resilient)



Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC)

20 Certificate of Participation

National Mathematical Olympiad Of Singapore (NMOS)
Gold Awards
Zhou Yuanyou (P5 Respect)

Silver Awards 
Cai Jiaqian (P5 Integrity)
Xu Huadong (P5 Integrity)
Gong Zihao (P5 Integrity)

Kabir Srivastav (P6 Compassion)

Bronze Awards 
Zhang Yiming (P5 Integrity)
Ho Yong Jie (P5 Respect)

Jensen Zhu Jian Chen (P6 Resilience)

Honorable Mention
Hnin Nadi Win (P5 Integrity)
Jessica Isabella Clark (P5 Integrity)
Adarsh Parthasarathy (P5 Integrity)
Zhou Yuanzuo (P5 Integrity) Nathaniel Im Ho Sung (P5 Respect)
Thekkethil Mahesh Rohan (P5 Respect)

Dhanvin Mohan Ram (P6 Resilience)

13 Certificate of Participation

Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)
Gold Awards 
Lee Yuan De (4 Bravery)
Alapati Vaishnavi (4 Compassion)

Xu Huadong
 (5 Integrity)
Yang Zhihao (5 Integrity)
Zhang Yiming (5 Integrity)
Zhou Yuanyou (5 Respect)

Kabir Srivistav (6 Compassion)
Morparia Aarya Anup (6 Compassion)

Silver Awards 
Koner Debdan (4 Respect)
Carrie Zhu Jiahui (4 Resilience)

Hnin Nadi Win
 (5 Integrity)
Lua Boon Teck Kynan (5 Integrity)
Kirby Lee How Che (5 Respect)
Komma Rohan Reddy (5 Respect)
Li Chenghan (5 Respect)

Liu Junxi (6 Compassion)
Dhanvin Mohan Ram(6 Resilience)

16 Bronze Awards

18 Honorable Mention

32 Certificates of Participation

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS)

Platinum Award
Kabir Srivastav (6 Compassion)

Gold Award
Morparia Aarya Anup (6 Compassion)

Silver Awards 
Xu Huadong (5 Integrity)
Zhou Yuanyou (5 Respect) 

Bronze Awards
Bng Cheng Ping (5 Integrity)
Cai Jiaqian (5 Integrity)

Liu Junxi (6 Compassion)
Ashlyn Yu Mei Jin (6 Resilience)
Jensen Zhu Jian Chen (6 Resilience)

31 Certificates of Participation


3 Certificates of Participation

12th Annual Mathlympic
Silver Award 
Kabir Srivastav (4 Integrity) 

Bronze Awards

Law Jia Qian Serafina (5 Responsible)

Caelen Lim Yok Heng (Lin Yuxing) (5 Responsible)

Solomon Lu You Rong (5 Responsible)

Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC)
Distinction Awards 
Yu Tongan (5 Integrity)
Lee Mun Hyun, Kellyn (5 Responsible)
Pei Xue Fei (5 Responsible)
Caelen Lim Yok Heng (Lin Yuxing) (5 Responsible)

Heng Cho Fai (5 Responsible)
Aaniq Ilhan Bin Muhammad Alias (5 Resilient)
Muhammad Hazrul Bin Abdul Malik (5 Resilient) 

Credit Awards 
Boongaling Allison Chloe Gaud (5 Integrity)
Merlot Vocus Koe Wen Yi (5 Integrity)
Huan Tian Yu (5 Responsible)

Avani Vishal Moye (6 Integrity)

25 Certificate of Participation

Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)
Gold Awards 
Carrie Zhu Jiahui (2 Integrity)
Lee Yuan De (2 Resilient)

Thekkethil Mahesh Rohan (3 Compassionate)
Gong Zihao (3 Responsible)

Anay Mantry (4 Integrity)
Jensen Zhu Jian Chen ( 4 Integrity)
Kabir Srivastav (4 Integrity)

Boongaling Allison Chloe Gaud (5 Integrity)
Tan Kai (5 Integrity

Silver Awards 

Kuek Jie Ning Jeslyn (2 Gracious)
Elise Lim Qian Rui (2 Resilient)

Abdul Kapoor Rasmiya (3 Compassionate)
Hnin Nadi Win (3 Compassionate)
Loh Jing Xuan (3 Compassionate)
Zhou Yuanyou (3 Integrity)

Ang Yong Jun (Hong Yongjun) (4 Integrity)
Ankit Bhatnagar (4 Responsible)

Yee Yi Shuen Shannon (5 Integrity)
Law Jia Qian Serafina (5 Responsible)
Reza Mounita (5 Responsible)

Ching Rui Yang (6 Integrity)
Lau Jian Cheng (6 Integrity)
Papinwit Yowvalaong (6 Respectful)

34 Bronze Awards

166 Certificates of Participation

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS
Silver Award 
Papinwit Yowvalaong (5 Respectful) 

Bronze Award

Ching Rui Yang (5 Integrity) 

Kelly Yap Yi Ying (5 Respectful) 


8 Honourable Mention

12 Certificates of Participation

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS)
3 Certificates of Participation




Singapore Youth Science Fair 
Adarsh Parthasarathy (P5 Integrity)
Jessica Isabella Clark (P5 Integrity)
Wong Si Xuan (P5 Integrity)
Gonzales Lorenzo Markus Francia (P5 Respect)
Muhammad Redha Bin Razmy (P5 Respect)

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO)
Gold Award
Kabir Srivastav (P6 Compassion)

Bronze Award
Adarsh Parthasarathy (P5 Integrity)
Jessica Isabella Clark (P5 Integrity)

Merit Award
Zhou Yuanzuo (P5 Integrity)
Zhang Yiming (P5 Integrity)
Jake Ho Shi Jie (P5 Respect)
Thekkethil Mahesh Rohan (P5 Respect)

Yan Shuyi (P6 Resilience)
Jensen Zhu Jian Chen (P6 Resilience)

Best in Primary 6 in Theory Award
Kabir Srivastav (P6 Compassion)

Cerificate of Participation
Bhambani Adya (P5 Integrity)
Cai Jiaqian (P5 Integrity)
Foo Kai Yao, Jalen (P5 Respect)
Komma Rohan Reddy (P5 Respect)
Zhou Yuanyou (P5 Respect)

Adith Pranav Senthil Kumar (P6 Compassion)
Ang Yong Jun (Hong Yongjun) (P6 Resilience)
Goh Einzy (P6 Resilience)

Destination Imagination 

3rd Place
Cheryl Hwang Qin Ling (5 Integrity)
Jessica Isabella Clark (5 Integrity)
Adarsh Parthasarathy (5 Integrity)
Yang Zhihao (5 Integrity)
Zhou Yuanzuo (5 Integrity)

4th Place
Crystalynn Mary Katuri (5 Respect)
Alan Sujay (5 Respect)
Ho Yong Jie (5 Respect)
Lim Jing Han (5 Respect)
Thekkethil Mahesh Rohan (5 Respect)
Zhou Yuanyou (5 Respect)

Abbott's Young Scientists Award

2 Certificates of Participation

Raffles Science Olympiad
Cai Jiaqian (5 Integrity)
Kabir Srivastav (6 Compassion)


Science Buskers Festival 

42 Certificates of Participation


TJC e-THINK© Challenge 
Certificate of Participation
Ei Myat Mon @ Wu Ying Rong (5 Compassionate)
Adith Pranav Senthil Kumar (5 Compassionate)
Kabir Srivastav (5 Compassionate)
Kang Yin Qi Keira (5 Compassionate)
Ashlyn Yu (5 Resilient)
Goh Einzy (5 Resilient)
Yan Shuyi (5 Resilient)
Ram Kumar Tharikha (5 Resilient)

Sony Toy Creative
Certificate of Participation
Garla Skanda Naganarasimha (5 Resilient)
Foo Si Ya (5 Resilient)
Ho Si Qi (5 Compassionate)

Destination Imagination 

Certificate of Participation

Valdus Chew (5 Resilient)

Yan Shuyi (5 Resilient)

Goh Einzy (5 Resilient)

Queenie Yap (5 Resilient)

Liu Junxi (5 Compassionate)

Ramakrishnan Jeevavarshavan (5 Compassionate)


Science Buskers Festival

Finalist: Team 
Eason Tan (P6 Respectful)
Chua Yi Chen (P6 Respectful)
Marvin Liew Wern Hon (P6 Respectful)

SONY Creative Science Award

First Prize in Whizkid Category

Leanna Yong Jia Hiu (P6 Resilience)

Destination Imagination
4th in Game On Challenge
Ching Rui Yang (P6 Integrity)
Aaryn Yat (P6 Respectful)
Brendan Lian (P6 Respectful)
Tan Kai (P5 Integrity)
Gwen Lim Xin Yuan (P5 Resilience)
Jovan Lau (P5 Responsibility)

TJC THINK © Challenge
Ethan Lim Jie Rui (P5 Integrity)
Lew Zong Cheng (P5 Integrity)
Tan Kai (P5 Integrity)
Yu Tongan (P5 Integrity)

School Green Award Yellow Flame

Green Schools @ South East Awards

Certificate of Sustained Excellence



AI Festival For East Zone Primary Schools 2021: Info Comm & Journalism
Certificate of Participation
Komma Rohan Reddy (P5 Respect)
Owaiz Khan (P5 Resilience)

Dhanvin Mohan Ram
 (P6 Resilience)
Ang Yong Jun (P6 Resilience)

18th Girl Scout Korea International E-Camp 2021: Brownies

Certificate of Participation
Muralidharan Kanishka (P5 Integrity)

ActiveSG 3x3 Youth Basketball Challenge: Basketball

Claire Soo Wen Ai (6 Compassion)
Zheng Jiaying (6 Resilience)
Leong Bao Pei Eliciadave (6 Resilience)
Medinaceli Jayden Dallis Santiago (6 Responsibility)

Ong Xi Jun, Kayden (6 Compassion)
Tan Jung Long Cayenne (6 Resilience)
Foo Yu Zhe Isaac (6 Resilience)
Chua Yuan Xun Farall (6 Bravery)

East Division Day 2021: Brownies

Participation in Snack-Making Competition
CYan Shuyi (6 Resilience)
Lee Yi Xuan (6 Resilience)
Goh Einzy (6 Resilience)

1st in Toy-Making Competition
Muralidharan Rithika (6 Responsibility)

Ashley Wiradjaja (6 Responsibility)

1st in Cheerleading Competition
Pranava Sri (3 Respect)
Princess Faith Ybanez See (3 Respect)
Xu Qingru (3 Respect)
Muralidharan Kanishka (5 Integrity)
Mohamed Yasin Hajara Hana (5 Responsibility)
Ei Myat Mon @ Wu Ying Rong (6 Compassion)

2nd in Singing Competition
Nittala Sasha Nathania (3 Integrity)
Eleora Nevaeh Balisalisa Agne (3 Respect)
Jovanna Zhao Menghe (3 Respect)
Lim Hui Ting (3 Responsibility) 

3rd in Diorama Competition
Chin Zi Ting (4 Bravery)
Shaikh Tuba Irfan (4 Responsibility)
Crystalynn Mary Katuri (5 Respect)
Ng Shi Ru (5 Respect)

4th in Eco-Friendly Recycled Fashion Competition
Cheah Xin Yue Dawn (5 Respect)
Emma Yeoh Kia Huei (5 Respect)
Goh Xin Yu (5 Integrity)

4th in Mixed Media Art and Participation in Comic-Strip
Tan Shi Yun, Michela (5 Integrity)
Theresa Ng Yu Hui (5 Respect)

4th in Mixed Media Art
Siti Umairah Binte Abdullah (5 Responsibility)

Chief Commissioner's Award: Brownies
Ashley Wiradjaja (6 Responsibility)
Ng Yan Zhen Shirleen (6 Responsibility)


Moo-O Awards: English Drama Club 

Bronze Award

Tan Hum Hioc (3 Resilient)
Bukkawar Swara Swapnil (3 Resilient)
Alefiyah Husain Zoher (3 Responsible)

Mythos Storytelling Competition: English Drama Club
Top 20 (Performance) Top 5 (costumes)
Zeyrian Faris Bin Suhaimi (5 Resilient)

Lydia Nur Farhanie Binte Abdullah (4 Responsible)
Aka Mahathi (6 Compassionate)

SYFP Goes Online: The Young Playwright Presents: English Drama Club 
Participation; Shortlisted Video Clip featured on the SYF social media platforms
Alefiyah Husain Zoher (3 Responsible)
Wong Yu Xuan, Ashlynn Akiko (4 Resilient)
Zeyrian Faris Bin Mohammad Suhaimi (5 Resilient)


East Zone Basketball Championship

4th: Junior Boys       
3rd: Senior Boys


2nd: Junior Girls

3rd: Senior Girls 

Anglican High School Basketball Invitationals
2nd: Junior Boys       
3rd: Senior Boys

rd: Junior Girls
Senior Girls 

Overseas Family School 11U Basketball Boys
2nd: Junior Boys
3rd: Senior Boys

Senior Girls

Rugby Championships Junior Division Boys
7th: Junior Boys 

Frank Cooper Sand: Cadet Scouts
Silver Award

Puan Noor Aishah: Brownies
Silver Award

Revel Facts to Share: Brownies
Bronze Award

Character and Citizenship (CCE)


LOO Platinum Award 

We are pleased to announce that our school has been awarded the 2020 Restroom Association of Singapore’s LOO (Let’s Observe Ourselves) Platinum Star Award! The award is given to schools for achieving the Gold Star for three consecutive years, and recognises organisations which have contributed to help Singapore achieve a world recognised standard of restroom cleanliness. We would not have achieved this award without the hard work of our P3 Restroom Ambassadors, P3 students, and most importantly, the unsung heroes who diligently work behind the scenes to keep our toilets clean – our beloved school cleaners. Our cleaners have always been essential and this award is a reminder to all of us to continue to play our part by always practising good hygiene habits and to keep our school environment clean. Special thanks goes to our teacher, Mr Martin Ho, our Year Head/Middle Primary, Mrs Margaret Teo, and Operations Manager, Mr Christopher De Silva for leading this educational effort!


Mr Martin Ho receiving the Platinum Award on behalf of Bedok Green Primary School


Mr Martin Ho and Operations Manager, Mr Christopher De Silva, representing the staff and students of Bedok Green Primary School at the 2020 Awards Ceremony


Friends Of Singa (FOS) Project

Eight Primary 5 Kindness Ambassadors participated in the Friend of Singa (FOS) project. This project is organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement to recognise efforts of students in demonstrating acts of kindness. The school's submission was selected and featured at the award ceremony. We are delighted to announce that it also won the Best Design Mural (Craftwork) Award. Congratulations! 

Name of students


Lew Zong Cheng

P5 Integrity

Tan Kai

P5 Integrity

Boongaling Allison Chloe Gaud

P5 Integrity

Muhamad Nazrie Bin Muhamad Nizam

P5 Respectful

Jovan Lau

P5 Responsible

Dessi Chua

P5 Resilient

Engracia Chew Yu Xuan

P5 Compassionate

Haziq Israq Bin Muhammad

P5 Brave

Nur Imran Prakash

P5 Brave

Aesthetics & Physical Education


National School Games Wushu Competition 2021
7th Place In Senior Girls 24-Style Taijiquan
Ng Jing Xuan Eunice (P6 Compassion)

4th Place In Senior Girls 32-Style Taijiquan
Ng Jing Xuan Eunice (P6 Compassion)

Singapore Athletics Kids' Stadium Run
Gold Medalist

Lucas Teo Kai Woon (5 Resilience)

Singapore Youth Festival (Arts - Cat A)
Certificate of Recognition
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Hairudien (1 Synergy)
Xiong Huangcan (1 Integrity)
Jayaan Barah (1 Graciousness)
Yao Xiaolei (1 Compassion)
Shukla Lavina (1 Perseverance)
Koh Xiu We (1 Responsibility)

Singapore Youth Festival (Arts - Cat B)
Certificate of Recognition
Charmaine Lee Ruiqi (3 Compassion)
Scarlett Ombrog Wilson (3 Resilience)
Lee Hong Van (3 Integrity)
Vivianne Florencia Halim (3 Integrity)
Jaime Ho Xiu Yun (3 Integrity)
Le Hong Van (3 Integrity)
Sze Ley Hong Cayden (3 Responsibility)

Tan Bo Ying (4 Bravery)
Zhu Yihang (4 Compassion)

Singapore Youth Festival (Arts - Cat C)
Certificate of Recognition
Jessica Isabella Clark (5 Integrity)
Jaylene Lee Ming Huey (5 Respect)
Phoebe Tan Zile (5 Respect)
Bay Xin Yi (5 Respect)
Lua Boon Teck Kynan (5 Integrity)
Lucas Teo Kai Woon (5 Resilience)

Nur Qistina Binte Mohamed Nizam (6 Compassion)
Olivia Mai Chi Stuart (6 Responsibility)


9 Certificates of Participation

Singapore Youth Festival - Art Exhibition Certificate of Recognition Jaylene Lee Ming Huey (3 Responsible) Phoebe Tan Zile (3 Responsible) Srinivasan Sai Sakthi (3 Responsible) Komma Rohan Reddy (3 Responsible) Kalev Haresh (4 Resilient) Olivia Mai Chi Stuart (4 Resilient) 20 Certificates of Participation Social Contemporary Project Competition 29 Certificates of Participation


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Malay Dance
Certificate of Distinction

Certificate of Commendation

Certificate of Accomplishment

Chinese Dance
Certificate of Accomplishment


Certificate of Accomplishment

VSA Singapore's Annual Art Competition for Children & Youths with Special Needs 

Merit Award

Lucas Teo Kai Woon (4 Responsible)