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General Information



  • We are a single session Government school.
  • We offer Chinese, Tamil and Malay Mother Tongue Languages.
  • As part of empowering our learners and nurturing them as persons of strength and character, we are committed to providing a conducive environment where our students excel academically, cultivate sound moral values and enhance their potential to prepare them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

School Procedures

Absence From School

Students who are absent from school must present a medical certificate from a qualified doctor or a letter from the parent
stating reasons for their absence. The school must be informed if the child urgently needs to be away for a long period of time.

Visitors to the School
All visitors to the school must report at the school general office and inform the school clerk the purpose of their visit. They must show their Identification Card and in return get a "Visitor's Pass" from the clerk, before proceeding to other parts of the school premises.

Leaving School Early
If a student is feeling unwell, he/she must inform both the teacher and the parents/guardian. An ill child must be picked up by a parent/guardian, the school will not allow him/her to return home unescorted. The parents/guardian must sign the "Early Departure Register" placed in the office. Parents/Guardians have to produce their Identification Card for verification reasons.

All parents/guardians must wait at Gate 4 or Gate 5 to receive their children after dismissal. During the inclement weather, they can collect their children from the porch or sheltered part of Gate 4 or Gate 5.

If a student sustains minor injury in the school, the form teacher will attend to the student. If the injury is serious the school will take the initiative to send the student to a clinic or hospital immediately. However, every effort will be made to contact the student's parents before he is taken to the hospital.

School Rules

Be proud of our school

Gain respect through respecting one another
Respect school property
Exhibit good behaviour at all times
Engage in meaningful activities and be punctual at all times
No student is to leave the school without permission


The school uniform is to be worn whenever a student comes to school and at all school-related activities including those held during school vacation or outside the school premises. Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modifications to the school uniform is not allowed.

Girl's Uniform Boy's Uniform

Cafeteria Rules

Students should not run or play in the cafeteria.

Students are to queue up to purchase food. Food and drinks are to be consumed in the cafeteria only.

Evacuation Drill

Once the evacuation siren sounds, stop working and don't start to move out of classroom, unless you are in the vicinity of the incident site. Keep calm and quiet, so that you can hear the evacuation instruction announcement made over the PA system.

Follow the teacher's instruction, to close the doors, switch off lights and fans as instructed.

File out, along the corridor, in two lines in an orderly manner.

Start to move to the assembly area, only when you are told to do so by the teacher. Do no run or push, and walk in a quickly and orderly manner.

To use the staircase/evacuation route that is nearer to your classroom to proceed to the assembly, please refer to the evacuation map for more details.

At the assembly area, listen to the roll call carefully.

Good Learning Habits

  • You can develop good learning habits to do well in your studies.
  • Pay careful attention to your teacher in class.
  • Plan a personal time-table and fix your hours of study and play.
  • Choose a suitable place to study.
  • Do all the homework given to you.
  • Read through and revise all the lessons that have been taught everyday.
  • To do well in your assessments, you must be hard-working.

Student Welfare

Fire Drills

The school will carry out the fire drill termly. Students will be informed in advance of the first fire drill in the year. This is to familiarize the new P1 pupils with the system. Subsequent fire drills will be carried out without advance notice.

Road safety

The school is very concerned about the safety of her pupils. Here are some tips on road safety:
Cross roads and traffic junctions where there are pedestrian traffic lights, zebra crossing, overhead bridges and underpasses. Avoid walking in front of buses, lorries or large vehicles that block oncoming motorists' view of you.
Avoid crossing roads at "blind corners".
Walk close to the side of the road if there is no footpath and in single file if you are part of a group.
Wear light coloured clothes at night to enable motorists to spot you from a distance.

You Can Be A Good Student

  • Pack your books according to the day's timetable.
  • Keep your books and stationery neatly in your school bag.
  • Always do your homework.
  • Hanging bells or ornaments on your school bag will make your bag heavy. Keep these items at home.
  • Sharpen your pencils daily. Sharp pencils will make a better presentation.
  • Exercise self-discipline.
  • Keep as quiet as you can when you assemble in the hall, parade ground and assembly area in the cafeteria.
  • Try to talk softly all the times.
  • Running about in the concourse area will create unnecessary noise.
  • Read quietly at "Reading Corners" located in the school.
  • Keep away from General Office.
  • Walk briskly along the corridors when you move to another classroom for other activities and lessons.

Guidelines On The Use Of Handphone

Students should not bring their mobile phones to school unless special permission has been granted. Students who wish to bring their mobile phones to school must obtain a mobile phone contract from the HOD/CCE.

Music players and handheld computer games should not be brought to school.

Safety First In School

  • Always think of safety.
  • Walk. Do not run along the corridors.
  • Jumping or playing on the steps of the staircase may cause you to fall and hurt yourself.
  • Do not play when the ground is wet.
  • The car park is meant only for cars and school buses. During the recess keep away from the car park and porch.
  • Once you come to school, it is your responsibility to remain in the school until dismissal time.
  • Eat and drink at the cafeteria only. Be careful when you are carrying hot soup. Running and playing in the cafeteria may result in you getting hurt as the hot soup may spill over you and you may be scalded.
  • Be careful when handling a pair of scissors or a penknife during Art & Craft Lesson. Use a pair of scissors with rounded ends.

Examination Regulations

All students must:

    • Adhere to the examination regulations and time table strictly.
    • Be punctual for all examinations. Latecomers will not be given extra time.
    • Produce medical certificates or relevant documents if they are absent.
    • Students are not allowed to sit for the test or assessment on the next day.
    • Bring only their pencil boxes/mathematical sets into the examination room.
    • Sit according to their register numbers.
    • Remain silent before the start of each examination.
    • Raise their hands to get invigilator's attention if they need any assistance. Pupils are not allowed to borrow any form of stationery when the test or examination is in progress.
    • Stop writing as soon as the announcement to stop writing is given.
    • Remain seated and silent when the invigilator is collecting the question papers and answer scripts. They are only allowed to move or collect their belongings when permission has been given by the invigilator.
    • Ensure there is no cheating in the form of verbal communication, hand signals or passing of written information when the examination is in progress. Answer scripts must not be placed in such a position that others can read them.

If caught cheating, any of the following actions will be taken as deemed fit by the school:-

    • suspension
    • deduction of marks
    • performing corrective work
    • warning / counselling
    • conferencing between teachers and parents
    • close monitoring by form / subject teacher(s) / the Discipline Committee
    • any other actions as deemed necessary by the Principal, Vice-Principal or Discipline Committee.