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Principal’s Message

Bedok Green Primary School

Welcome to our Bedok Green Primary School website. I am pleased to share that Bedok Green Primary School will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2021 and we have planned several exciting activities to commemorate this special milestone in our school’s history. Building on the work of my predecessors Mr Lee Yin Hin (2002 – 2008), Mrs Sita Singh (2009 – 2015), and Mrs Celine Ng Kim Choo (2016 – 2019), Bedok Green Primary School has grown from strength to strength and undergone positive transformation under the leadership of our past Principals. I am deeply honoured to continue the good work they have begun, and strive to ensure that Bedok Green Primary School remains true to our school philosophy of being a school where every child matters.


Our school philosophy has never been held more strongly than in the unique pandemic year that we had just experienced, in 2020. Through it all, we saw how every member of our staff rallied around to ensure that no child was left behind, and to ensure that learning continued to take place without compromise. This was most evident in the good PSLE results that we had sustained in comparison with previous years, but beyond our academic achievements, Bedok Green Primary School had continued to forge its own path in the region by having well-established school programmes and more crucially, a cohesive staff who will spare no effort to ensure that every child is cared for. As we move nimbly into 2021 and navigate our way with established procedures to ensure safe management measures in school, we are heartened, excited and driven to be even more innovative in our teaching and learning processes, to fulfil our school vision of Empowered Learners, Persons of Strength and Character.


After one year of school re-envisioning, big as well as small-group discussions with staff and stakeholders, we have established our three-year strategic plan that spells the approach to fulfilling our vision. Differentiated instruction for engaged learning will be a key area of focus to ensure that every child’s learning needs can be met. We will also emphasise the importance of leadership, character and citizenship education, with the launch of our school-wide Leader in Me programme and supported by the development of habits to empower learning. All these will be upheld through the provision of a caring and supportive learning environment to ensure students’ well-being and nurture students’ strengths and interests, so that they will be empowered to learn and to succeed. In 2021, we will also be strengthening our school’s Applied Learning Programme, Environmental Education@BGPS (or E2@BGPS), and our Learning for Life Programme, Sports and aesthetics To ReInforce Values Education (or STRIVE). One of the highlights will be the launch of our new Makerspace for students to tinker with their fingers and be involved in recycling work as part of their learning about the environment.


Our school theme, ‘EMPOWER@BGPS’, stands for Equipping My Pupils to take OWnership and Embrace Resilience’. It seeks to be a rallying cry for all students to have greater autonomy and independence to discover their strengths and interests so that they will develop a passion for learning while inculcating a spirit of resilience in every aspect of daily school life. It is our desire that every child who passes through the gates of Bedok Green continues to develop holistically – cognitively, physically, aesthetically, socially and with sound, moral values. To emphasize this, all our classes will continue to be named after the values that we hold dear – Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Compassion, Bravery, Graciousness, Perseverance, and Synergy.


My teachers and I look forward to working with you and your child in the new school year. We warmly welcome all students for an exciting time of learning and growth, and specially embrace with open arms all new students who have chosen to make Bedok Green Primary School their second home. For our new Primary Ones, my teachers have specially planned a three-day orientation programme to help them set goals and adapt to school routines and expectations. I am sure that they will find the orientation beneficial as they make new friends and discover that Bedok Green teachers are caring and nurturing. Should you have any feedback to help us improve in our processes or affirm our practices, you may also write to us at or call us at 64425416. 


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    Mr. Benjamin Yong