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BGPS hope to instil in all students the value of self-discipline. Self-discipline is a life-long value that will serve and benefit them tremendously as they grow and mature. BGPS provide opportunities and support for students while being taught on how to accept responsibility for their own behaviour.

BGPS believes that enforcing good discipline is part of the school’s responsibility in providing a holistic education for its students and promoting a safe and caring school environment. Its success depends greatly on the understanding and co-operation it receives from the parents/guardians of the students.


Whole School Approach


Monthly Star Award

Star Award encourages all BGPians to embrace our school values at all times. Every month, there will be a ‘Value of the month’ and programmes or activities to tie in with the value for that month to provide a baseline and platforms for Form/Co-form teachers to choose their star students.

Form/Co-form teachers will nominate at least 1 student per class, up to a maximum of 3 students, according to the school value stipulated in that month.

Nominated students should display excellent / very good in conduct and able to demonstrate the expected behaviour indicators of the value. The names of the star award winner will put in our school messaging system. FTs will use the last Wednesday of the month, during the time -saving day to present the star certificates to the students. The certificates will be put on the CCE board.

Example of Star Certificate:

Star Award.png






I submit my work on time.

I produce accurate, neat and tidy work most of the time.

I take ownership of my academic progress.

I am able to pick up litter before my teachers tell me to do it.

I am able to keep the area around the classroom sink clean and dry.



I am capable of managing my emotions.

I seek help when I struggle in handling challenges.

I am receptive to feedback and strive to improve.

I motivate my friends to believe in themselves.

I am able to share about the difficulties faced by our forefathers in building Singapore.



I listen to my teacher attentively most of the time.

I always talk to my friends politely.

I raise my hand before I speak.

I greet any teacher with a bow and a smile.

I am able to work with friends from different races.



I know that everyone is unique and different.

I show consideration, care and concern to my classmates/ school mates.

I am value my classmates/ school mates’ strengths and abilities.

I am aware of situations that can make my classmates/ school mates uncomfortable.

I empathise with my classmates/ school mates who face difficulties.



I do not take things that do not belong to me.

I tell the truth and admit to my mistakes without blaming others.

I have the moral courage to make decisions.

I am honest in words and deeds.

I am aware of the consequences of my actions.

Good Disciplined Award (GDA) 

GDA provides a more holistic and comprehensive approach towards discipline at the class level. GDA seeks to nurture disciplined and responsible BGPians who play their part to ensure a conducive, safe and health-promoting learning environment. GDA is presented to the class every month for displaying positive behaviour in accordance to a set criterion.

The assessment criteria is defined by Lower Primary (P1 to P3) and Upper Primary (P4 to P6). To attain the GDA, a class must score a minimum total of 20 points for any 2 months in a term. The assessment period for GDA is from January to November and the score for individual classes would be displayed on the GDA scoreboard located beside the canteen. This is to promote healthy competition among the classes in the level and to encourage BGPians to display positive behaviours.

For classes that receive, they will receive varied type of tokens and a GDA certificate where they can put up on the CCE board in the classroom.

Example of GDA Certificate:


Students’ Suggestion Scheme

The Students’ Suggestion Scheme (SSS) is a platform created to give the students an opportunity for their ‘voice’ to be heard by their teachers and peers in helping to improve the school system or environment. It also provides a chance for students to share their ideas in improving the school via innovation and critical thinking. This would generate a greater sense of belonging to the school among students.

Based on Theme Based Approach, the Student Councillors will work with teachers’ in-charge in coming up with a theme or area to work on. SSS is roll out during FTGP periods and all students will have a chance to brainstorm for ideas or share their views.  There will be one suggestion per semester.