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MRL: Media Resource Library


1. To inculcate the value and love of reading in every BGPian.

2. To provide a conducive environment where students can acquire new

     knowledge and information.

3. To support the learning and research needs of the students.

4. To support the needs of the teaching staff.

5. To raise awareness and appreciation of reading to all students and parents.



1.   You are allowed to borrow a maximum of 2 library items - Book (for a period of 14 days) or Audio-Visual (for a period of 3 days).

2.      For digital loans (computer/tablet/Kindle) and board games, card will be kept and returned after use.

3.      Please inform the school librarian immediately if you have damaged or lost library items.

4.      Please inform the school librarian immediately if you have damaged or lost your membership card.

5.      For a damaged or lost membership card, the initial fine imposed is $1 and $2 for any subsequent damage or loss.


Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.



Mdm Azizah Bte Ramli


LIBRARY PROGRAMMES: (Can we have another column for services)

1)      Books 2 Go

This programme is aimed at giving the students the opportunity to borrow books from the National Library Board without having to go to the public libraries. – Can put in

2)      Book Buzz

National Library Board librarian shares some interesting books that are available in the National Library with the Middle & Upper Primary students.

3)      Storytelling Session

The National Library Board librarian tells stories to the Lower Primary students to increase their interest in reading storybooks.

4)      Commemoration of important days such as Total Defence Day and Racial Harmony Day

Students read the relevant books displayed in the MRL and take part in the OWL Quiz.

5)      Board Games@OWL

Students get the opportunity to play educational board games such as Scrabble to improve their language proficiency


6)      ICT Zone

Students can use the computers and iPads to complete task i.e. SLS assignments

7)      Mobile Library

The mobile library provides books for the students in the cafeteria so that students are able to read the books after they have eaten their meals.


Students taking part in Total Defence quiz.


Storytelling session captivates students’ attention.


A student browsing through the library books.


Students playing board games in the OWL.