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Healthy body, fit-for-life & every child engaged in the visual and performing arts 


Provide a comprehensive and balanced programme to help students develop a sound mind and healthy body and cultivate a life-long appreciation for the Arts

Key Programmes

The PE Programme

The PE programme is tailored to equip students with the essential skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for them to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Various aspects of traditional games are also inter-twined in the PE syllabus to encourage better understanding among the various races in school.

In view of achieving the above objectives, various strategies were incorporated into the PE syllabus. The strategies were cultivating and encouraging fair play, teamwork in practice or games in PE lessons/CCA; debriefing sessions after play/game where good values are given praise; organising groups of different ability / gender / race to umpire / referee their own games; educating pupils on the need for rules and regulations to be enforced in a game / sport and providing opportunities for group work e.g. creating / planning a routine for dance / gymnastics.

Pre-Assembly Morning Exercises

Students participated in weekly exercise programme led by sports leaders and teachers in PE Committee. The steps were choreographed by the teachers and students themselves. This programme helped to cultivate and maintain studens’ fitness levels. This mass exercise combines several routines that include dance, boxercise and aerobics.

Inter-Class Games 

The school organized the inter-class games termly as it helps to promote greater participation in sports among student. Every student will participate in at least one game organized by the PE Department and Student Sports Leaders. A Challenge Trophy will be given out to the best performing class.

Inter-Class Games  - 01 

Community Partnerships

The school partners with Bedok Community Centre Sports Club (Bedok CSC), Singapore Sports Council, Bedok Camp and Geylang United Football Club to create a more vibrant environment for sports. Once a month, a total of 20 teachers and students participate in Bedok Community Centre Walk around the neighbourhood. Bedok CSC actively organizes and sponsors some sporting events for students in the Health and Wellness Programme e.g. Bowling, Cycling at East Coast Park and Hiking.

Pr. 3 SwimSafer Programme

In view of the close proximity of the school to Bedok Swimming pool, the school together with MCYS organised the SwimSafer Programme for all P3 students during curriculum time. The objectives of the programme were to allow pupils to learn basic swimming techniques or basic survival skills in water, water confidence and aspects of water safety.

Sports Day and Lower Primary Sports Day

The Annual School Sports Day and Lower Primary Sports Day were conducted with the aim in providing the students a platform to compete while in the spirit of friendship, respect and excellence. While at the same time to achieve the learning of the school values of integrity, respect, responsibility and resilience.

Sports Day and Lower Primary Sports Day - 01 Sports Day and Lower Primary Sports Day - 02

Students getting ready for the commencement of the relay.


P4 Camp

The school organized a camp for the P4 students during the first week of term 2 Holidays. A total of 206 P4 students participated. The camp was held at the school compound. The objectives of the Camp include enriching students’ experiences in outdoor education, building their resilience and developing the team spirit. Activities like pitching tents, hiking, area cleaning, dragon boating, night confidence walk and team-building games were organized by a team of teachers from the PE Committee. The camp commandant this year was Mr Tang Wei Shang.

P4 Camp - 01 P4 Camp - 02 P4 Camp - 03
Pitching of a 10-man tent.
Hike to the Southern Ridges
Paddles up!

P5 Camp

221 students from P5 participated in the Annual P5 Camp at from 30 Jan to 1st Feb. The camp this year was held at Girls’ Brigade/Boys’ Brigade Sembawang Campsite. The activities at the campsite were challenging as students participated in kayaking, zip-line, rafting, outdoor cooking, trekking at Sembawang Park, abseiling and climbing high elements found at the campsite.

P5 Camp - 01 P5 Camp - 02 P5 Camp - 03
Getting ready to cook my own meal.
Row row row your boat gently down the sea.
I am almost there! Preserve and succeed!

Health and Wellness Programme

Bedok Green Primary School has adopted the Holistic Health Framework (HHF) which was introduced to broaden health promotion beyond obesity and fitness management by embracing the total well-being for student and developing their intrinsic motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the activities that had been conducted.

Health and Wellness Programme - 01 Health and Wellness Programme - 02 Health and Wellness Programme - 03
Yes! We reached the summit!
Health and Wellness Parents’ Workshop.
Archery lessons.

Key Programmes

PAM Key Programmes


To provide the Primary 2 students with broad exposure and rich experiences in the Performing Arts – Angklung & Art (Principles of Design) and Outdoor Education – the environment & life cycle of a butterfly.


Angklung - 01 Angklung - 02 Angklung - 03


Art - 01 Art - 02 Art - 03

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education - 01 Outdoor Education - 02

P4 Keyboard

To provide the P4 students an opportunity to learn another instrument other than the recorder.

P4 Keyboard - 01 P4 Keyboard - 02 P4 Keyboard - 03