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Performing Arts



Angklung is a traditional musical instrument made up of two bamboo tubes with different lengths and thickness to create the various musical range. In Angklung CCA, students learn to develop discipline and in the later years, they learn how to play more complex bass Angklung and Kulintang. 

Chinese Dance


Our Chinese Dance CCA develops girls into graceful and confident ladies. Students learn hand-feet coordination and the appreciation of Chinese music. They also learn to dance according to the mood of the music. Elements of ballet and gymnastics in traditional Chinese dance also improve the learner’s flexibility, as well as agility. Chinese Dance CCA is open to students of all races so as to promote cultural understanding and appreciation of this art form. 



The School Choir consist of soprano and alto choristers. Through the CCA training sessions, students learn values such as teamwork, commitment and responsibility. Students at the CCA also get to learn basic music theory and acquire skills such as voice projection, singing techniques, and develop social-emotional skills.

Guzheng Ensemble


Guzheng Ensemble is a traditional orchestra with 21 strings, supported by a pair of stands. There are many techniques used in playing Guzheng. These techniques will create sounds that can evoke a sense of cascading waterfall, thunder, horse’s hooves and even scenic countryside. Through the Guzheng CCA, students are exposed to traditional Chinese music which encourages them to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture. 

Malay Dance


The Malay Dance incorporates many elements - mood, expressions and values - which are important to the holistic development of a child. Students will be able to use bodily movements as a medium of creative expression, understand the importance of teamwork, dedication and commitment as well as be able to appreciate dancing as an enjoyable activity. Malay Dance CCA is open to both boys and girls of all races so as to promote cultural understanding and appreciation of this art form.