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Sports and Games


The objective of this CCA is to instill in students the interest and love for badminton. CCA training sessions aims to equip our students with basic skills of badminton which include court movement skills, different forms of game services, building individual's hand-to-eye coordination and great stamina. Our very own dedicated BGPS teachers coach and train the badminton team.


The Basketball team consists of a group of motivated and determined boys and girls. During training sessions, students work on drills which build physical fitness, and hone the skills required to play a good game of basketball such as passing, dribbling, shooting and defending. In the months leading up to the Basketball Championships at the National School Games (NSG), tactics and game plans are also carefully taught, practised and executed. Our very own PE teachers in the school coach both the boys and girls team. This CCA is highly competitive and rigorous at Bedok Green Primary School. Commitment in terms of time and effort will be required.


Football has always been one of the most popular sports in Singapore, and the same can be said in BGPS. During CCA sessions, students are trained for both 5-a-side and 7-a-side to prepare them for the Inter-school Football Fiestas. Members also train for the 9-a-side Zonal and National tournaments at the National School Games (NSG). Besides striving to perform well in game competitions, the Football CCA also emphasises on other important life skills like teamwork and perseverance.


Rugby is a team sport. Often misunderstood only as a high contact physical sport, rugby play involves intelligent passing, defence splitting runs and performing well-executed tackles. This CCA aims to build maturity in players through tactical thinking, behaviour and the development of sportsmanship. External instructors are deployed to teach the students during CCA sessions. Being in a rugby team is enjoyable and helps make lifelong friendships.