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CCA (Performing Arts)


Mdm Ouw Li Shan / Mdm Zuraidah /  Mdm Jessica Kua / Mrs Clara Koh

Led by a group of committed teachers and an experienced choral instructor, the BGPS Choir consists of more than 80 enthusiastic members, all with a fiery passion for singing. For some, BGPS Choir is the foundation on which they build and develop the love for singing. For others, BGPS Choir provides a platform where the dream of performing on bigger stages for a bigger audience can be realized.

During the 2012 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Primary School Choir, BGPS Choir gained the recognition from world-renowned adjudicators as one choir worthy of a Gold Award. This was a sustained achievement from the Gold Award received in 2010. In the 2014 Singapore Youth Arts Presentation for Primary School Choir, BGPS Choir received the Certificate of Accomplishment.

Members of BGPS Choir are also provided with opportunities to interact with other choirs through programs such as clinician workshops, interschool exchanges and overseas competitions. With perseverance and resilience, BGPS Choir is looking to realize the very daring aspiration of being an esteemed choir in the national, if not regional level.

Malay Dance

Mdm Zahidah / Ms Michelle Lee / Mdm Zaimah

The Malay dance incorporates many elements; feelings, expressions and values which are important to the holistic development of a child. Through dancing, a child will learn to express his/her feelings and likewise appreciate others. Students would be introduced to the 5 types of traditional dance, have an understanding of Malay Dance movements, be able to use bodily movements as a medium of creative expression, understand the importance of teamwork, dedication and commitment.

The Malay dance group also participates actively in various school and community celebrations and was one of the key performances in the school's 10th Anniversary celebrations in 2011. The group had also achieved a Bronze Award in the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging Competition in 2010 and a Silver Award in 2012.


Chinese Dance

Ms Liang Hong Wen / Mdm Lin Hong Eng / Miss Chong Yuen Meng

Members of the Chinese Contemporary Dance Group learn ballet, jazz, hip hop and other different types of dances during our weekly sessions and all these activities help to develop their senses as well as support visual and auditory development. Chinese Dance is not only an appreciation of aesthetic CCA. A simple step and a few movements make up the graceful Chinese dancing gesture. It not only allows the dancer to display the gracefulness and beauty, it also builds confidence of a dancer to perform in front of the audience.

The dance group attained Silver awards in the Singapore Youth Festival competition in 2008 and 2010. The dance group went on to achieve the Gold award in the SYF Central Judging Competition in 2012. 


Angklung Ensemble

Mdm Kelly Lee / Mdm Sa'odah Habolla / Mdm Sabariah

BGPS Angklung Ensemble consists of pupils from P3 to P6 and performed regularly for school events such as P1 Orientation day, Annual Speech Day and also public performances such as East Coast GRC Chingay in 2007 and road shows at Tampines Mall in 2008. As part of the Learning Journey, the members were taken for an Educational Cultural Tour at the Esplanade Recital Studio in 2009.

In the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging Competition in 2010, the Ensemble attained the Bronze Award. In 2012, they were recipients of the Silver Award for the SYF competition. The Angklung Ensemble also performed for a Combined Schools Kulintang and Gamelan Performance at Vivocity in 2012.


English Literary & Drama Club

Mdm Jacintha

The English Literary & Drama Club provides opportunities for students who are interested in drama as an art form. Drama is a hands-on, experiential activity that engages the mind, body, voice, and emotions to interpret and convey to others information and ideas.  The wide scope of activities assists the students in developing their social skills, physical coordination, and cognitive understanding of their environment. Students would learn interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, multi-literacy: reading, theatrical etiquette, aural, kinaesthetic and multi-modal forms and confidence.

Guzheng Ensemble

Mrs Chin Chin Ling

Guzheng is a traditional orchestra with 21 strings. It is supported by a pair of stands. There are many techniques used in playing guzheng. These techniques can create sounds that can evoke a sense of cascading waterfall, thunder, horse's hooves and even scenic countryside. There is an instructor to coach and train the pupils. In school, pupils perform during major events and also represent school in outdoor activities and competitions.

The Guzheng Ensemble obtained the Bronze Award for SYF Central Judging Competition in 2008 and also in 2010. In 2012, they were proud recipients of the Silver Award for their mesmerizing performance in the same competition.