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SEd Programme

The goals of Sexuality Education are:

  • To help students make wise, responsible and informed decisions through the provision of accurate, current and age-appropriate knowledge on human sexuality and the consequences of sexual activity;
  • To help students know themselves and build healthy and rewarding relationships through the acquisition of social and emotional skills of self-awareness, management of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, development of empathy for others, possession of effective communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills; and
  • To help students develop a moral compass, respect for themselves and for others as sexual beings, premised on the heterosexual married couple forming a nuclear family as the basic unit of society, through the inculcation of positive mainstream values and attitudes about sexuality.


The key messages of Sexuality Education are:

  • Love and respect yourself as you love and respect others;
  • Build positive relationships based on love and respect (which are the foundation for strong families);
  • Make responsible decisions for yourself, your family and society; and
  • Abstinence before marriage is the best protection against STIs/HIV and unwanted pregnancies. Casual sex can harm and hurt you and your loved ones.


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