Announcement (New)

Primary One Orientation

The school would like to thank all parents who attended the P1 Orientation. Please click here for a copy of the presentation slides.

MOE Talk for Parents

There are a series of talks planned for parents. For more information, please click here.

Photos for Speech and Prize Giving Day 2018

The photos of prize winners can be downloaded from the Mconline portal. Kindly log in using your child's account and click on the link under the 'Miscellaneous Section', found on the bottom left corner of your screen.

To access Mconline, please click here


School Prize Giving and Curriculum Experience 2018

The school would like to thank all parents and students for their support and active participation. Special thanks to the BGPS Students' Alumni and their respective schools. The event was a success and we owe it to all of you!

Do stay tuned for updates on the photographs of prize winners which will be made known by 18 June. Thank you!

Direct Schools Admission (DSA) 2018

For more information on DSA 2018, please click here 
To download additional information, please click here

Parent, Child, Teacher Conference (PCTC)/(PTC) 2018

Thank you to all parents for attending PCTC/PTC 2018. To download the presentations, please click here.