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To Be Analytical Thinkers and Problem Solvers


To offer a rich mathematical experience where students learn to think critically for problem-solving, actively apply and communicate mathematical understanding.

Key Programmes

Key Curriculum Approach

The Department believes that every child’s formative development is important and so adopts the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach, where students will have the opportunity to learn in a concrete manner using manipulatives before moving on to more abstract concepts. The Department aims to strengthen the students’ foundation in numeracy skills through the variety of learner-centred strategies.

Key Programmes 

Math Problem Solving Approach UC³

A BGPS in-house production, the Math Problem Solving Approach UC3 Booklet contains weekly exercises to provide an opportunity for all students to hone their problem-solving skills. Through these exercises, students practice the UC³, a whole school approach to problem-solving. Students are also exposed to the use of various heuristics such as model drawing through such exercise.

Math Problem Solving Approach UC3 Booklet Pages


Integrated Learning Journeys (P4 – P5)

Integrated Learning Journeys are conducted for P4 and P5 students yearly. Such Learning Journeys integrate subjects such as Mathematics, English, Social Studies and various aesthetics together to give students the opportunity to learn the application of Mathematics in the real world context while taking in the historical and cultural aspects of the places that they are visiting.