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Immersion trip to Beijing, China (5th Sept to 12th Sept 2013)

Immersion trip to Beijing, China (5th Sept to 12th Sept 2013)

From the 5th of September to the 12th of September 2013, 34 P5 students accompanied by 4 teachers went on an 8-day Immersion Programme to Beijing. Everybody was excited, especially some of the students who had never travelled overseas prior to this trip. The trip turned out to be enriching and meaningful as the students experienced what it was like to study in a school in Beijing. One of our teachers also had the opportunity to conduct a lesson. Dialogue sessions between the teachers from both schools were fruitful as they allowed the teachers to understand better how the educational system works in both countries. Besides visiting schools, there was, of course, plenty of sightseeing as the group, led by a tour guide, went to famous places in Beijing such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the National Museum, during which the group learnt much about the rich history and culture of these places. The group also tasted the famous Peking duck as well as several other local Beijing dishes and snacks, not to mention taking in the aromatic smells and tastes of the different types of Chinese tea. Overall, the group had fun while learning at the same time. In fact, the students enjoyed the trip so much that they did not even want to come back home!


(From left - At Great Wall of China; Attending a Science lesson on Forces)

(From left - Attending a lesson on Chinese Opera; Learning how to make a traditional craft)

BGPS PS Immersion Trip to Brunei

22 Primary 5 students and 3 teachers participated in an internationalisation trip to Brunei Darussalam from 30 May to 3 June 2014 to learn more about Bruneian cultureSome memorable places of interest visited were Kampong Ayer, Mukim Kiudang Tutong, Agro Tech Park, Gadong night market, OGDC (Oil and Gas Discovery Centre), Ambulong Factory, Wasan padi field, Art Gallery, Dewan Bahasa Pustaka Library, Malay Technology Museum, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Museum and Royal Regalia Museum. 

The students were thrilled to receive a token from the Sultan’s wife outside the Nurul Iman Palace and made new friends while participating in activities hosted by two schools, Sekolah Rendah Panapav in Tutong and Sekolah Rendah in Bengkurong.

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BGPS PS Immersion Trip to China, Shanghai

Immersion Trip to Shanghai, China (2011)

During the September holidays, seventeen Chinese students, led by two teachers, went to Shanghai for an immersion trip. The main objectives of the trip were:

• To motivate and enhance enthusiasm among participants in the learning of the Chinese language through exposure to Chinese culture.

• To educate participants on the immense and varied history of China through sightseeing tours of cultural and historical sites.

• To promote interaction and friendship between Singapore and Chinese students by enabling participants to experience student life in the Chinese school.

• To provide an authentic Chinese language learning environment for our participants through attending Chinese classes in a local school.

• To help our participants cultivate skills and values like self-reliance, independence, bonding with fellow schoolmates and also foster team camaraderie.

The students were privileged to attend lessons in Cao Guang Biao School, a local primary school in Shanghai. During the three days in Cao Guang Biao School, the students were attached to a buddy and they had lessons together. Although it was only for three days, the students had learned a lot and friendship was built between them and their buddies. The students in Cao Guang Biao School also showed their warmth hospitality by showering the BGPS students with gifts during their last day in the school.

Besides attending classes in Cao Guang Biao School, the students also embarked on learning journeys to the many places of interest in Shanghai. They visited a silk factory where they learned about the process of making silk. They also explored the old streets of Shanghai and visited the Shanghai Bund. The most memorable place which they had visited was the Shanghai Science Museum where there was so much to see and learn.

BGPS P5 Immersion Trip to Malaysia, Malacca

BGPS P5 Immersion Trip to Malaysia, Malacca (31 May 2010 - 4 June 2010)

Mdm Norashinah, with a team of 4 teachers led a group of 40 P5 students on an immersion trip to Malacca, a city known for its rich heritage and history from 31st May to 4 June 2010.

The 5-day trip provided opportunities for the pupils to experience the different lifestyle in Malaysia and have fun while immersing in the culture and heritage and fun they had! In fact, for many of our pupils, the trip was their first time that they were away from home.

It was indeed an eye opener and enriching experience for the students as well as the teachers. The immersion trip included a cultural exchange with two schools in Malacca, a historical tour of Malacca as well as a visit to Kampong Sarang Buaya.

Our first stop was Sarang Buaya, near Yong Peng, Johor. The students were very excited to have hands on experience in rubber tapping. On top of that they also learn how the pineapples oil palms are grown and harvested. They were also brought on a learning journey to see how gula Melaka was processed.

During the school visits, our students managed to get an insight of the school curriculum in Malaysia, specifically Malacca. During the historical tour of Malacca, they visited Christchurch, the Stadhuys and the ruins of ‘A Famosa’ On top of that; the students gained a deeper understanding of the various communities in the early days of Malacca when they visited Kampung Kling Mosque, The Cheng Hoon Teng’s Temple and Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple.

The final segment of the trip was a visit to Taman Mini Malaysia cultural park is located a few kilometersoutside of Melaka. The students got the chance to explore the different way of life as well as various architectural style of the 13 states in Malaysia. They also go through workshops where they learn the different musical instruments and traditional dance

It has really been a fruitful trip for the students as it helped to promote foster friendship and team spirit among them.

Internationalisation Programme with GIIS


The world today is getting increasingly interconnected and people are more mobile. As such, there is an increasing need for everyone to possess a global outlook and operate within multi-national settings. Such a global outlook is best developed from a young age. Internationalisation Programme is an initiative aimed at exposing students to different cultures and environments. Students benefit by gaining a better understanding of the regional and global environment. Students also develop social and cultural skills in the process.

•My Stage

Students from both schools will be given opportunities to put up performances which are representative of its culture during special occasions. Through these performances, the students not only get an opportunity to showcase their talents and build self-confidence, they also get an in-sight of the different cultures. For e.g. GIIS put up a French ballet during our school’s Speech Day in 2011.

•You’ve Got Mail

Pen-palling allows students to know more about foreign countries and cultures. As the perspective of the country is from a “first-person” view, pen pals learn much more about each other countries and cultures from one another than from the media. Beginning in Term 2 this year, Primary 4 students from BGPS and GIIS have embarked on the pen-palling programme. Students from both schools would be provided with guiding topics (ie. tell your pen pal about your favourite local delicacy) and questions for each letter writing exercise so as to guide them in their responses and more importantly, strengthen the appreciation of each other’s culture and traditions.

•Crossing Boundaries

Students from GIIS will be joining our students for a day of fun-filled activities during the Learning Festival on 6 July 2012. This will provide a platform for our students to interact and bond with students from GIIS.