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Partnership With Parents

Resilience Resources For Parents

Parents play a crucial role in building a caring home environment that nurtures the social and emotional skills needed to build resilience in their children. To support parents, MOE’s Student Development Curriculum Division has developed a set of resources that provides information and tips on:

·      Understanding resilience

·      Qualities of a resilient child

·      Promoting resilience-fostering interactions at home

·      Recognizing common stress symptoms in your child

·      Guiding your child in:

ü  Developing a sense of purpose

ü  Setting goals

ü  Problem solving

ü  Building character strengths

ü  Developing  positive thinking

ü  Building positive social skills

ü  Building “emotional strengths”

Resources for Parents to build resilience in children, click here

Supporting your Child’s Transition


Other Resources

The Parents in Education Website,, contains articles on parenting tips, educational news, information on the school curriculum and resources for parents to support their children’s learning and development. 

School Information Service,, provides detailed information on schools and allows parents and students to generate comparative lists of schools based on specified parameters that range from school achievements to CCAs offered.,, is an online publication by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It provides parents, educators and the general public with education news, school features and tips.

ICT Connection,, provides guides & tips, resources and useful links to help parents reinforce Cyber Wellness education at home.

Parent Volunteer Services

The objective of the Parent Volunteer Services Scheme is to facilitate potential parents to begin the journey of developing continuous personal involvement and commitment to the school.

Under this scheme, a parent may be able to register his/her child under the Phase 2B Category during the Primary One Registration Exercise if he/she meets the following criteria:

(a) His/Her child is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;(b) He/She has joined the school as a parent volunteer and has contributed at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school.

Parents who wish to participate in this scheme must apply to the school one year prior to the year of the Primary One Registration Exercise for their child. For example, for a child who was born between 02 Jan 2001 to 01 Jan 2002 (i.e. aged 6 or 6+ as on 01 Jan 2007) and due for Primary One Registration in 2007, parents have to start applying and rendering their voluntary services between 01 July 2006 and 30 Jun 2007. To apply, please download the Application Form and return the completed form to the school office either by hand or by post.

The acceptance of the application form does not render the school liable to accept the voluntary services offered by the applicant a s the selection is based on the needs of the school as well as on a first come, first serve d basis. Only parents who are short-listed will be notified accordingly. Additionally, the school does not guarantee parents who have volunteered their services a place for his/her child in the school. In the event where the number of Primary One places available has been filled after the earlier phases of the Primary One Registration Exercise, the parent volunteers should not hold the school responsible for the registration of their child.