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BGPS Junior Alumni

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Junior Alumni Club was formally formed in December 2016.

The Alumni has been established to reinforce a sense of belonging among former students, providing them a platform to contribute to the school and serve as good role models to the students.


  •   To support the School in achieving its education objectives and outcomes and to foster the spirit of service to the school.
  •   To assist the School by leveraging the experience and expertise of members of the Alumni.
  •   To strengthen kinship with alma mater, stay connected with the ex-BGPians so as to lead the present cohort and continue contribution to the school.


All former students of Bedok Green Primary School are eligible for Alumni membership. Junior membership is free and valid up until the age of 21 years.
Every P6 student will receive a Junior Alumni Card during their graduation ceremony. The card would allow them to enter the school during events and to help out. They would be able to register their interest in areas which they are keen to help out with. The school alumni liaison would contact them for events that meet their interest.

We are building the database of our Junior Alumni Club. We value the relationship with our alumni and would like to continuously add value to this ongoing relationship. We encourage alumnus to stay connected with us. They can download the form online via our school website and be kept informed of the latest events of the school.

We provide platforms for our alumni members to stay connected with each other and contribute back to our alma mater.

For example:
1)    Curriculum Experience Day
2)    Leadership Training for Student Councillors
3)    FGDs with Tier 2 and Tier 3 student leaders
4)    GRIT Club
5)    Anniversary Celebrations
6)    Co-curricular Activities
7)    Tutoring sessions as part of VIA
8)    Talks to share on their experiences and skills

Download the attached form below and email to the school:
Junior Alumni Club Application form.pdf