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To nurture critical readers, creative writers and confident speakers

Key Programmes

STELLAR Curriculum for P1 to P6


The overarching aim of the EL Syllabus 2020 is to develop effective and affective language use in the students. The school adopts the STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR) which aims to strengthen the students’ foundation in literacy skills through a variety of learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using Big Books and authentic children’s text.  

The vision of STELLAR is to inculcate in children the love for reading and build a strong foundation in the English Language. STELLAR is currently being implemented from Primary 1 to 6.

P1 and P2 STELLAR teaching strategies include:

- Shared Book Approach (SBA)
- Modified Learning Experience Approach (MLEA)
- Learning Centres

P3 and P6 STELLAR teaching strategies include:

- Supported Reading
What I Know - What I Want to Know - What I Learned (KWL)

- Writing Process Cycle
- Differentiated Instruction

Learning Journeys are also organised to enrich students’ learning. For instance, the P1 students embarked on a Learning Journey to the Singapore Zoo which was in line with some of the Big Books in the STELLAR curriculum such as ‘Mrs Wishy Washy’ and ‘Walking Through the Jungle’. During their visit, the P1 students would explore and gain more insights into the fascinating world of animals. Meanwhile, the P2 had gone to the SEA Aquarium in 2019 and explored the underwater world to further deepen their understanding of sea creatures (linked to STELLAR Big Book, ‘Life in A Shell’).


Reading Programmes

Reading Programmes

Reading is an important skill that needs to be developed in children. The ability to learn about new subjects depends on the ability to read. Hence, the school has initiated programmes such as KidsREAD, the Buddy Reading Programme and Star Readers Programme to cultivate an interest in reading amongst our students. 

(a) KidsREAD

KidsREAD is a collaborative effort by the National Library Board (NLB) together with the People’s Association (PA) and four self-help groups to promote the love of reading and cultivate good reading habits among children. KidsREAD is conducted weekly for selected P1 and P2 students.

Objectives of kidsREAD


     To promote the love of reading and cultivate good reading habits among young Singaporeans

     To leverage on the strengths of various partners to create a reading programme for children

     To provide an avenue for children from various races to interact from an early age.

     To help enhance the quality of life of the children and their families.

For more details on KidsREAD, please isit

Newspaper article.JPG

(b) Buddy Reading Programme 

In partnership with Temasek Junior College (TLC), a group of dedicated students read one-to-one with reluctant readers on some Fridays after school.

This initiative is aimed at providing additional guidance for our students to improve in their oral and listening skills as well as to inculcate in them a love for reading.

The programme is a firm favourite among our students as it gives them opportunities to interact and learn from their 'brothers and sisters' from TJC. It was also featured in the Chinese language media as an effective approach towards inculcating the love of reading among these students. 

(c) Star Readers Programme


The Star Reader Programme aims to:

     promote interest in reading among students;

     enable students to carry out self-directed activities in reading; and

     provide opportunities for students to develop creativity and initiative.

 P1 to P4 students are encouraged to complete a Star Reader Booklet over the school holidays. Students can earn Star Reader badges (Gold, Silver and Bronze) when they complete the activities in the booklet. The P5 and P6 students are encouraged to write book reviews as part of this programme.
Tokens are given to students with the best book reviews.

(d) In-class Library

All classes are stocked with both fiction and non-fiction books for students to borrow and to read during Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) sessions. The books in the class library are changed every semester to ensure that students are reading widely.

P4 Literature Programme

Through our Charlotte’s Web Literature programme, students analyse events and characters, developing their critical thinking skills in the process. Putting themselves in the shoes of the characters allows the students to be empathetic and express personal judgement, honing their communicative competencies.

The learning journey for our Primary 4 students to watch a play provides them with a learning experience beyond the classroom when they watch the theatrical performance and engage in an interactive drama-based role-play workshop. During the workshop, students will also get a chance to explore the characters and themes of the story.



To cultivate a love for the English Language through a fun, engaging and immersive way, the school offers Moo-O, an interactive online application, to all Primary 1 to 3 students.

Our students are engaged in learning to read and speak fluently, confidently and expressively through this application. Students take on the characters of the story that they are reading as their faces are mapped in real-time. With the playback feature, Moo-O also provides our students with immediate feedback for self-assessment of performance. Students can then choose to rehearse and re-record in order to improve on their fluency, rhythm, pacing, intonation and expression, just like how a professional presenter would have done it. The Read-to-Me function also allows for students to learn independently the pronunciation of a word and/or how to read expressively. Students also build up their vocabulary from the photographic flashcards before taking the quiz to test their spelling skills.

Little Red Dot (P4 to P6)

As part of our efforts to broaden English Language learning and expose students to current affairs, the school requires our students to subscribe to the Straits Times Little Red Dot. The publication delivers stories to address the significance behind important world and local events and has elements of social emotional learning, values education and National Education. It also emphasises the learning of specific language skills such as reading, speaking and grammar by providing lesson activities which the English Language teachers infuse in their classes.


Confident Communicators

                                                   Our BGPS Debaters & Scrabblers

Slide8.JPGSelected students were exposed to what debate is about. They learn structures on how to create speeches for Propositions and Oppositions. During the workshops, students take part in mini debates. Through this process, teachers managed to identify potential debaters for the school team. In 2019, we won the 2nd and 5th place Best Speaker Awards in the Primary School Open Debate (Division 2).

Selected students were also exposed to 8th Super Zonal Schools Scrabble Competition 2018 to instill fun in learning and it was a good experience for them as they gathered their wits to perform well for the competition. Our students clinched the championship for the 7thSuper Zonal Schools Scrabble Competition in 2017.

On 7 November 2017, over 120 students from more than 30 primary schools in Singapore participated in the 3rd edition of the on-the-spot National English Writing Competition (NEW-C). We were pleasantly surprised at the diversity of themes the young writers chose to explore this year and we had won merit awards.

From March to April 2020, Zeyrian Faris Bin Mohammad Suhaimi (Primary 5 Resilience) represented the English Drama Club in the Mythos Junior Orators 2020, an online storytelling competition organised by Anglo-Chinese Junior College for primary school students. Participants had to showcase their abilities in delivering stories fluently and expressively in this competition. 

They also had to engage viewers with their interpretations of the different characters. Zeyrian achieved the Top 20 Performers and the Top 5 Best Costume Awards for his rendition of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. 

Zeyrian Faris.PNG

Congratulations to Zeyrian!

EL Debate Achievement

Two teams comprising Primary 4, 5 and 6 students pitted their debating skills in the Primary School Debate Open (PSDO) Division 2 on 21 and 28 November. The interschool competition gave students a platform to showcase their oratorical skills. Both our teams, led by Mrs Jacinta Gomes and Mdm Nurul Huda, definitely showed confidence in delivering compelling arguments. After 4 gruelling rounds, our P6 team emerged 3rd while our P4 and P5 team emerged 7th! Isabelle Ong Hui Xien (6RPS) and Wong Tian An (6RPS) were also among the top 20 students to receive the Good Speaker Award. Congratulations to both our teams! 

Team    A

Team B

Isabelle Ong Hui Xien (6RPS) 
Wong Tian An (6RPS) 
Tan Jia En (6INT) 
Caelen Lim (6RPS) 
Chia Kia Sim (6RPS) 
Kabir Srivastav (5COM) 
Wilfred Gau Wee Kai (5COM) 
Goh Einzy (5RSL)
Jessica Isabelle Clark (4COM) 
Ampo Ayesha Khobe Centeno (4COM)

Team A.jpeg

Team B.jpeg

both teams with teachers.jpeg

students in action.jpeg