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Mother Tongue Languages


Empowered Learners, Confident, Joyful and Proficient Communicators of the Mother Tongue Language


To nurture students to be effective communicators and passionate learners of their Mother Tongue Language.

Key Programmes

MTL Ambassadors

Students who show capacity and passion in MT language are identified to be MTL Ambassadors so that they can be stretched beyond the curriculum in oral and written conversation.

Little Broadcaster (P3 to P4)
Students will participate in a broadcast and host broadcasting shows for the student community in their Mother Tongue Languages. They will learn planning and writing skills while also build up their confidence in speaking the language and presentation skills.

P3 One Minute Video
P4 Vlog

Little Report (P5)
Students will participate in a little reporter course. Students will learn how to interview and collate their interview into talk show. They will learn to ask questions and respond accordingly. Students will in the process develop their oral and writing skills.

P5Talk Show

Little Writer Club
Students will participate by learning to be an editor and produce a model essay eBook or literature or story writing after PSLE. They will learn to comment and edit the writing product of others.

MTL Champions

MTL Champions who shows leadership capacity are identified to serve the school community. They assist the teachers to lead reading activities and help teachers in the running of internal language competition. They also promote the MT Language by designing the noticeboard in school. 

grp discussion 1.jpg

presentation 2.jpg

Reading Programme

The reading programme aims to develop student's interest in learning. Guided reading and reading activities are carried out. MT Champion assists teachers to carry out reading activities or competitions to encourage students to read.

Chinese Reading Programme

Malay Reading Programme

Tamil Reading Programme






students enjoying 1.jpeg

MT Fortnight

The MTL Fortnight activities are designed to expose students to different cultural aspect of the Mother Tongue languages while exposing pupils to the authentic use of language. Different levels of the pupils will engage in different activities. At the end of their 6 years, they will be exposed to different aspects of the culture. Some activities are designed using S.T.R.E.A.M. It is a comprehensive, unique and holistic educational approach that integrates Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics into the teaching and learning process. This approach allows the students to apply their learning in real life situations. 

The table below shows the different activities for each level:

Chinese LanguageMalay LanguageTamil Language
Primary 1
(i) Tongue Twister
(ii) S.T.R.E.A.M (Rocket Launcher)
(iii) Introduction to Mooncake Festival
(i) Malay Traditional Children Song (Lagu tradisional kanak-kanak)
(ii) Batu Seremban
Panchathantra Kathigal
Primary 2
(i) Nursery Rhymes
(ii) Introduction to Dumpling Festival
(iii) S.T.R.E.A.M (Balloon Driven Dragon Boat)
(i) Speech and Drama - Traditional Malay Children Story (Penglipur Lara Cerita Kit)
(ii) Batu Seremban
Folk Dance
Persons of Fames
 Primary 3
(i) Gu Zheng
(ii) Learning about Hungry Ghost Festival 
(iii) S.T.R.E.A.M (Rainbow Disc)
 (i) Poetry/Lyrics Writing - Leftenan Adnan (Kursus Sajak)
(ii) Gasing/Capteh
 Paavayin Parvaniyil (Puppetry)
Primary 4 
(i) Chinese Shadow Puppetry Making and Drama
(ii) S.T.R.E.A.M (Puppet Theater)
(iii) Peking Opera Show 
 (i) Hosting Workshop (Pengacara / Kem TV)
 Primary 5
(i) Chinese Painting Workshop
(ii) S.T.R.E.A.M (whales) 
(i) Debate (Bahas)
(ii) Lambung Kain 
 Primary 6
(i) Jeopardy Game
(ii) Chinese Chess
(iii) S.T.R.E.A.M (Motorised Boat)
(iv) River Safari Trail
(i) Melukis Batik (Batik Painting)  Parai Adital

Details of the respective MTL Fortnight Activities for the different language can be found in the respective MTL Fortnight newsletter below.

MTL FT CL Newsletter 2020.pdf

MTL FT ML Newsletter 2020.pdf

MTL FT TL Newsletter 2020.pdf

Speech and Drama

To build the students' confidence and desire in speaking the Mother Tongue Language, P1 and P2 students are exposed to Speech and Drama lessons. Students develop their fluency and proficiency in oracy skills, using sentence structure and vocabulary through role-playing and acting. They are given opportunities to present and develop their confidence in speaking in the Mother Tongue language in a fun and authentic way. 

Chinese Speech and Drama Programme

Malay Speech and Drama Programme

FILM (Fun in Learning Mother Tongue)

FILM was an initiative that started out in 2020 with the aim of sharing activities that enable both parent and child to participate to further inculcate and nurture the child's interest in the MTL. As such, the MTL Department would like to continue promoting such learning between parents and students through a repository of parent-child activities for language skills. 

Kindly use the URL below to access FILM.


Chinese Language

Malay Language

Tamil Language

Screenshots of FILM:

FILM CHI 2020 Screenshot.JPG

FILM MALAY 2020 Screenshot.JPG

Higher Mother Tongue 

The school offers Higher Mother Tongue for students who meet the criteria in Primary 5 and 6. We also offer Higher Chinese Language to selected students who shows capacity and interest in Primary 3 and 4.


Through various internal competitions, students deepen their interest in the learning of their language.




Competition / Platforms


P1 – P6 CL

Reading Competitions (Craft or Book Reviews)

P1 – P6 CL

Text Recital Competition


P3 – P6 CL

Composition Competition



Singing Competition


Poem Recital Composition

P3 – P5 CL

Story Telling Competition




Competition / Platforms


P1 – P2

Choral Reading and Singing Competition

P3 – P4

Poetry Reading

P5 – P6

Script Reading

P1 – P6

Spelling Bee Competition


P3 – P4

Creative Writing (Poem (Pantun) Competition)

P5 – P6

Essay Writing Competition


P1 – P2

Show and Tell

P3 – P4

Berpantun, Bersyair

P5 – P6

Pidato Competition




Competition / Platforms



Story Telling Competition



Singing Competition with A Recycled Musical Instrument

Writing and Reading


Readers Theatre – groups of 3

Oral Writing and Oral ICT




Poetry Recitation – Haiky & Poem of Famous Tamil Poets

One Act Play / Create a Video on a Given Topic & upload in Padlet

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